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Investment Strategies

  • Can I own a regular income generating property?
    Yes, we offer Turnkey Property Investment. We believe the secret of success for maximum cash flow is combining quality renovated properties, located in strategic areas, with professional property management. A turnkey property is an investment property that a company acquires and rehabs—and in some cases already gets tenants in the house—for a client to then own and receive regular income (cash flow) from renting. Remote property investing allows you to build a diverse portfolio by starting with more affordable rental properties in growing markets. As your experience grows, you can target a wider range of properties or additional markets. Whether you’re a first-time investor or an experienced real estate investor, our extensive property data helps you make the right choices. Our business model enables ownership of cash flow properties for investors who may not have excellent cash flow opportunities in their own market or simply do not have the time, desire, or expertise to be rehabbers or landlords. Simply put, we have a team in place to do all the work, while you receive the monthly rental check with as little involvement as you desire.
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